How To Tell People About My Diagnosis

The Oxfordshire Alert Card is free of charge, people of all ages in Oxfordshire an easily identifiable and verifiable means of disclosing that they are on the autism spectrum

  • Help autistic people in difficult situations find sources of local support
  • Help Thames Valley Police, local emergency services and Oxfordshire organisations to identify they are dealing with someone who has autism
  • Promote better management of issues and situations involving people with Autism
  • Help Cardholders feel safer and more confident when out and about
  • Provide Autism Awareness Training to Police Officers and PCSOs in Oxfordshire
  • Enable Thames Valley Police to ensure all people with autism receive an excellent, fair and appropriate service from the police
  • Enlist the help of the local media to raise public awareness of autism in our country.

You can apply for an alert card via this link: