Technology and Apps

Below are a selection of apps that people with ASC find useful.

Molehill Mountain – App to help autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety. Explore the causes and symptoms of anxiety, track worries and situations that trigger anxiety. (Free)

Choiceworks – Helps autistic users manage their daily routines through a scheduler that categorizes tasks in sequential order, while also indicating which tasks have been completed and which still have to be done. iOS devices (£6.99)

Brain in Hand – On demand support system that gives people access to personalised support from their smartphone. Gives access to reminders, notes, coping strategies. Prompts to regularly rate anxiety levels. There is a monthly cost for the package. iOS and Android

Headspace – Mindfulness meditation app, to help with managing anxiety and emotions. The app has visual videos to explain mindfulness. First 10 sessions are free. Then there is a monthly/yearly subscription.

  • Social Comprehension
  • Autism Express
  • Autism 5 point Scale
  • Miracle Modus
  • Assistive Express
  • Choiceworks
  • Brain in hand –