Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. The UK government have made recommendations to try to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. One recommendation is social distancing, this means limiting your physical social contact with other people. For this reason Oxfordshire Adult Autism Diagnostic and Support Service (OAADSS) are no longer offering face-to-face appointments.

  • OAADSS will be offering diagnostic assessments via online video-calls.
  • Aspiration will offer support, information and guidance via phone, text, email and video-calling.
  • Workshops can be accessed on the OAADSS website and we will be running video conference webinars.


For advice and information about Coronavirus please see:

For Coronavirus information in an easy read format click the link:


If you think you may have Coronavirus, visit the NHS website: or


It can feel like a very uncertain and worrying time. If you feel worried about Coronavirus, Mind have some helpful advice on their website:

Autistica, an autism research charity, has also produced these helpful tips for managing mental health during the Coronavirus:

How to get an autism diagnosis

Please Note:  The Oxfordshire Adult Autism Diagnostic Service is NOT open to adults who are under the care of:

  • adult mental health team (AMHT) or
  • a community learning disability team (CLDT).

In these cases, please contact the AMHT or CLDT for advice on autism diagnostic assessments.

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