Getting Help At Work Or University


You may want to think about whether you wish to disclose your diagnosis to your employer. If you do disclose your diagnosis employers are legally required to make reasonable adjustments for anyone with autism, to enable them to carry out their job. It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because they have autism or another disability.


If you need help or support with reasonable adjustments at work, you can request an assessment here through Access to Work.  Aspiration can also talk to you about reasonable adjustments and requesting them through your workplace.  You can refer to Aspiration (our post-diagnostic support service) here.

Aspiration has created a template reasonable adjustment passport for you to download and complete with your employer in order to ensure your needs are met at work.  You can find this here.

Too Much Information Discuss Reasonable Adjustments

University or College

If you are at University or college and you have autism you may be able to get extra help, support or adjustments.  You may be eligible for help such as an individual note taker, extra equipment, one-to-one support with your studies or extra time in exams.  Most universities have a Student disability advisor or Additional needs support team who will be able to advise you on what the university can offer.

For more information about choosing a university and support whilst at university :

The special arrangements you can ask for in exams include:

  • extra time.
  • a separate room either in a small group or alone.
  • a reader.
  • a scribe.
  • a prompter to keep students focused.
  • supervised rest breaks.


You may be eligible for extra funding at university via a Disabled Student Allowance (DSA).  The allowance is to cover some of the costs you have as a student with an illness, mental health condition or disability. This could include extra equipment needed, extra support or travel costs.  You do not need to repay DSA.

For more information about how to eligibility and how to apply

The University of Sunderland Explains what DSA is for and how to Apply