How Can I Get a Support Worker?

What is a Support Worker?

A support worker is someone who is able to help you regularly to live your life safely and as independently as possible.  They may help with washing, dressing, toileting, accessing the community safely, with finances and with medication.  This can be by a support provider such as Autism at Kingwood, or with a personal assistant.  Please watch the below video to see what support workers do.

In order to get this type of formal support, you will need to apply for funding from the local authority.

What is a Support Worker by Autism at Kingwood

Funding For Formal Support

If you have support needs that require on-going weekly support, you may be entitled to a personal budget to pay for support. You will need to undergo a Social Care Act needs assessment with the local authority. A social worker will talk to you about your support needs and assess your eligibility for a personal budget.  This can be arranged by contacting Oxfordshire’s Social and Health Care Team on 0345 050 7666.

For more information about the Care Act eligibility and to request an assessment visit Explain in this Video what a Care Needs Assessment Involves