How To Tell People About My Diagnosis

Telling people you have autism can be a daunting task.  You may worry that people will judge you or reject you.  Here are some tips to help with telling people you have autism:

Consider who you want to tell.  You can choose who you disclose your diagnosis to, or you may choose not to tell certain people about your diagnosis.

It may be helpful to make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of telling a particular person.

Positives could be:

  • People who know about your diagnosis may be more understanding or empathetic to difficulties you face.
  • People may understand you better once they know you have autism.
  • You don’t have to try to hide or mask your autism – this is very exhausting!

Negatives could be:

  • You may worry you will be met with lack of understanding or prejudice from others.
  • It may be even more difficult to fit in.
  • People may ask inappropriate or insensitive questions.

Autism Dislosure Video by AANE

If you choose to tell someone about your diagnosis you may wish to consider who you tell and how you will tell them.  It can be helpful to explain what autism spectrum condition is and how it affects you individually.

Give the person an opportunity to ask questions to help them understand the condition.

Consider where and when you will tell the person.  A quiet private space, at a time that you are both free and have time to discuss in full is best.

Make it clear whether this is confidential information and who you are happy to know you have autism.  If you do not want the person to tell anyone else, you need to explain this to them.

If you are not sure about whether to tell someone new you have autism, you could ask for advice from a family member or friend who already knows you have autism.

If it doesn’t go well, or the person has a negative reaction, try not to take it personally.  They may not know about the condition or may have misconceptions about autism.  Focus on what you like about yourself, and positive reactions you have had.  Just because one person had a negative reaction it does not mean that everyone will.

If you have been diagnosed through OAADSS and require a letter to inform your employer that you have autism, please email  or phone 07824 309000 and leave a voicemail.