ASPiration Support – Post Diagnostic Support

About ASPiration

The ASPiration service, is for Adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Conditions within the Oxfordshire area.  Support offered is short-term and SMART goal orientated.   We provide information, advice and guidance to help increase understanding of autism and how to live with it.  We can signpost to or help access other organisations and services if these are appropriate.

In order to be eligible for this service, individuals must:

  • Be diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition
  • Be living in Oxfordshire
  • Be 18 years old or over
  • Not be eligible for or in receipt of formal support following a care act needs assessment
  • Not have a learning disability (in this instance, the LD team can provide support)
  • Not be under the Learning Disability Team


The aim of this service, though short term, is to give people life-long skills to maintain their independence and ability to overcome barriers.


Please note:  The support we provide is very different from that of a support worker.  Our facilitators are able to advise you on how to apply for more formal support from that of a support worker if that is the type of support you need.

What Support We Can Provide:

Structured Learning Workshops

We provide various skills workshops including a post diagnostic course of 5 workshops.  These are run throughout the year. The aim of the workshops is to support people to develop their skills in key social and practical areas. We currently provide a mix of face to face (small group) workshops at Didcot and group online workshops via Zoom.  The content of these workshops is available on our website for anyone unable to attend or who would prefer to access the information individually.  For more information about the skills workshops and availability please contact the ASPiration team (see contact information below). Please click here for the online workshops content.

Social Groups

We run face to face and online social groups.  Please click here to see current events and social groups.

One-to-one support

If an individual has support needs that cannot be met through the structured learning programme or with advice and guidance, we can offer one-to-one support. This support is short-term and focused on specific goals the individual wants to work on. The support is person centred and specifically tailored to the individuals needs. Support is short-term up to 6 months.

The type of support our facilitators provide include:

  • Education and increasing understanding around autism following a diagnosis either in a group workshop or 1-1 (dependent on needs).
  • Work around communicating more effectively.
  • Support to source sensory aids or assistive technology.
  • Referrals and signposting to occupational therapy or other services.
  • Support to create routines and schedules to help with daily living.
  • Help in requesting reasonable adjustments in hospital settings and GP surgeries.
  • Help in requesting reasonable adjustments in the workplace.
  • Support to get in touch with advocacy services.
  • Support with working out eligibility for and applying for autism related benefits such as Personal Independence Payment.
  • Working around coping strategies and understanding emotions.


Please note: Though by supporting someone to improve relationships or join groups, individuals may experience improvements to their mental health and wellbeing, the service is unable to offer any counselling or mental health support.  We may be able to signpost to private psychology or counsellors that can help with this.   Alternatively, Talking Space or the local Adult Mental Health Team (AMHT) are available for this type of support.

Testimonials from some of our clients!

“My meeting with you has helped my need for clarity.  I understand a bit more about myself and others.  Which has been good and bad”

“Thank you for yours, Laura’s and Ira’s support in running these much, needed Zoom meetings and coffee mornings.  They are a place where we can all meet and make new friends”

Voluntary Opportunity to Join our Team!

We are currently recruiting peer mentors to help other autistic adults to overcome barriers and learn about themselves!

If you are interested or would like more information, please email

Contact Aspiration


Phone: 07824 309000

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Please click here for an Aspiration referral form